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About Our Test Center

General Information

Since 2008, As a product evaluation center, Letright test center started to running.
In 2017, we invested Half million U.S.dollar to build an new laboratory nearly 1200m², more than 110 pcs of equipment and gauge on site.
Now, we are carrying out more than 200 items in both product mechanical safety test and material assessment, covered EU standards and North America standards.

The Qualifications

We cooperate with third lab parties like UL and API, test ability qualified by them, could carry out mechanical safety test on our site, and publish rest report with the UL and API mark

Work Process --- Internal Daily Work
Morning Meeting:

Every work day, we make a work summary for previous day, check the tests status and make a arrangement for following tests.

Cross-department Communication:

For the test request review, or technical verification, we always talk with marketing department, quality department, technical department and others, to reach a conclusion we want.

Specific Test Arrangement:

For tests of product ordered by core client, we will draft a reasonable test procedure to complete it.

Urgent Test Figure Out:

On behalf of pushing some urgent requests, if not impact ongoing work, we will deploy enough engineers to complete the test, probably arrange another way to do, like send part of tests to 3rd lab.

Test Data Quality Assurance :

Our lab applying the guide of ISO 17025:2017, have a suitable quality control plan, and implement accordingly.

  • UL WTDP Lab
  • API Factory Certified Lab
  • On the Way Will get the certificate,CNAS Qualification
  • As a department of product evaluation, will be a highly effective and contributive on product quality improvement
  • Product Evaluation Center
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